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Flow - The Nature of Change

Extract from my Final project for the Laban Movement Analysis Certification Program (2016)

Anat Merav

Water, as they flow in the river, take along a small stone that had been at the bottom of the river, and lead it to a new place in space. It will remain there because the flow has weakened in relation to its weight, because of encountering a larger stone or because of something in that space that stopped it from yielding to the flow. As human beings, we have a certain ability to slow down or speed up personal Flow, by responding or non-responding to the environment (interactive Flow) ,and by inner regulation. An individual is part of the universal flow – which the personal flow is part of. The existence of time – the repetitive course of sunrise and sunset – the duality within which we live (Theme) is in its essence the Flow. Flow will cease only in a situation in which there is no longer any movement;. seemingly, a state of absolute stability in which no change takes place. Where there is movement – there is Flow.

it is extremely difficult to capture and define Flow. Flow is at the basis of everything. It is Baseline always exists. Sometimes it is more behind the scenes .It exists within the three dimensions and is greatly dependent on Space. Through the Flow, I address and touch on other components of movement (BESS) : it does not stand by itself, but is always connected to other movement components. This understanding can be described through the body: The body is comprised of many systems. Each system is an autonomy in itself, comprising and affecting the whole. There is inner flow in each system and between the various systems. Flow changes constantly – because all the systems are in movement, and the change – because of that – is constant. Thus, it is difficulty to observe one system or area of the body without taking into consideration the movement of the systems that exist simultaneously and which affect it. Observing Flow is observing the moment, the present. Flow cannot be captured and stopped, just as water cannot be held

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