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Flow and Mobility-Stability Theme

Extract from my Final project for the Laban Movement Analysis Certification Program (2016)

Photo by Anat Merav

In the course of a class that I taught today, I became more aware of the Stability-Mobility Theme. I tend to do a lot of Traveling that is based on Flow. I observe the things that are happening in class but I am in complete Inner and the Traveling is a kind of Shape Flow.

The focus doesn’t see what's outside, and thus I am actually in complete Inner Mobility and cannot really observe the movement that takes place outside of me. There is no ability To Bridge outwardly, to connect, to do Shaping with what is in the Outer.

This experience became powerfully clear through two moments of absolute Inner Stability: Once in the course of that lesson, when I stopped in place and tried to silence the Flow of thinking (what is the next stage of the class, instructions that I wanted to give). The second time was in the course of a Yoga class, when for a very short moment I succeeded in standing on my head without external support – the body supported itself – an experience of absolute Stability – both Internal and External.

The first sensation that arose from these two experiences is of great Recuperation, and through it a tremendous insight about the great extent of my Mobility, in which there are no balancing moments of Stability.

In addition, the question arose – What enables Inner Stability? What type of Flow, what Inner halt is required in order to be in Stability, in quiet and in presence against the Outer?

Does the fact that our body has two sides (right and left – which weight can be shifted from one to another) require us to Mobility (internal and external) and makes Stability difficult to challenging?

Where in the Body is the boundary created, the quiet that leads to Stability, absolute Stability, a condition in which I support myself, rest quietly and in silence and can observe the movement of the world outside of me? The sense increases of Instability that is based on Mobility in the Core; like a ship rocking on the waves.

A sense of Free Flow is a condition that requires constant Mobility, Adaptive Core for constant changes.

Does movement Mobility necessarily indicate lack of Stability? Are attempts to "control the situation" actually attempts to Stabilize something internal?

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